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Birth Certificate Mail-in Order Form
Baltimore City (1875 - 1919) and Maryland Counties (1898 - 1919)
IMPORTANT! Copies are only available for those records which have been transferred to the Archives. For more information as to which vital records have been transferred, contact us by email at or by phone at 410-260-6487, if email is not an option. For records not at the Archives, contact:

The Maryland Department of Health
Division of Vital Records
6764B Reisterstown Road
Reisterstown Road Plaza
Baltimore, MD 21215

The non-refundable and non-transferrable fee is $25.00 per copy. All government-created Birth Certificates will be certified.

Please Note: An order consists of searching for one record, one name, one year, one location as specified on the form. The Archives will attempt to locate the record based upon the information you provide, but we cannot guarantee results. If the search provides no record matching the information provided, the fee is not returned, and a notification letter from the Archives is issued.

Order Delivery
Maryland State government is operating under policies intended to minimize the spread of COVID-19, and the Maryland State Archives is therefore operating with severely reduced on-site staffing levels. Response time in answering emails and fulfilling record requests has been significantly impacted by this effort. Thank you for your understanding.

Birth Records 1919 and Before
Complete the Online Birth Certificate Order Form or complete and mail-in the form below, as you do not need any documentation to request a copy.

Birth Records Between 1920 - 1924
Complete and mail in this form with the needed documentation for obtaining a restricted record (see below sections for required documents).

Requesting Your Own Birth Record
Submit Proof of Identification (see the "Proof of Identity" section) with the completed form.

Requesting Another Person's Record
The following people are eligible to request another individual's Birth Record:

Who Proof Needed
A parent or court-appointed guardian Legal proof of parental relationship or a copy of the Guardianship Papers
Requestor's Proof of Identification (see section below)
An individual with a notarized letter A notarized letter signed by the person named on the Certificate, or the parent or guardian of the person named on the Certificate, granting permission to obtain the Certificate
Requestor's Proof of Identification (see section below)
An individual with a court order A copy of the court order directing that the Certificate be issued
Requestor's Proof of Identification (see section below)
An individual permitted to obtain the Certificate under Md, Code Ann., Family Law Title 5, Subtitles 3A or 4B relating to adoptions Court documentation proving legal guardianship through adoption
Requestor's Proof of Identification (see section below)

Proof of Identity
  • a legible copy of your VALID GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PHOTO ID (i.e. State issued Driver’s License or non-driver photo ID with requestor’s current address, passport, etc.)
Two of the following items can be used in place of a photo ID:
  • utility bill
  • car registration form
  • pay stub
  • bank statement
  • copy of income tax return/W-2 form
  • letter from a government agency requesting a vital record
  • lease/rental agreement

Include the supporting documentation from the "Requesting Another Person's Record" section and the Proof of Identification with the completed form. Copies may be issued without such legal authorization when a valid Death Certificate of the named subject is supplied.

Birth Records 1925 and After
Birth Records after 1924 are not available at the Maryland State Archives and are only available from the Maryland Division of Vital Records (see address located at the top of this page).

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